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Black Velvet Paintings and other compulsions....

Serious spiritual practitioners need to guard and protect their accomplishments from decaying or contamination. One traditional way is to maintain more secrecy. Good meditators do not blurt out experiences and dreams to those that they kno w have little respect. They wait until they can confide in their spiritual mentor for these deep discussions. In this way, we can maintain good relationships with others by using our new-found bodhisattva skills. Because some friends and family have great faith, while others have no faith at all, we can use true compassion, love, and kindness to make this a non-issue. In addition, if we make extra effort to generate careful compassion toward others who may be confused, they will never think that we are showing off or demeaning their spirituality. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ „Ernsthaft spirituell Übende müssen ihre Errungenschaften vor dem Verfall oder vor Verunreinigung schützen. Eine traditionelle Methode ist die Geheimhaltung. Gute Übende posaunen

Too Much Grief?. on Anger, and other Buddhist musings....

Most folks believe in the truths of mathematical or scientific subjects, but think that spirituality is just wishful thinking without proof. They also probably wouldn’t know the difference between the enlightened or unenlightened because th ey don’t know the criteria associated with awakened mind. Moving from the suffering state through the awakening process, one encounters another system that discerns qualities according to standards from the viewpoint of awakened consciousness. The ones that can define this are those who have already achieved at least several levels of awakening; their inner senses are alive to subtle data. There is specific terminology and quality control; I suppose you could call it a certified awakening. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Die meisten Leute glauben an die Wahrheit von mathematischen oder wissenschaftlichen Dingen, aber denken, dass Spiritualität nur aus Wunschvorstellungen ohne Beweise besteht. Wahrscheinlich würden sie auch den Unterschied zwisc