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Falling in Love with the Dharma and other Buddhist musings....

Sectarianism is a poison preventing people from having a choice to follow the path of their heart, whether that would be practicing Islam, wanting to explore the teachings of another religion, or Buddhists who are interested in reading and thinking about the spiritual poetry of Rumi, such as myself. There is a spiritually healthy dance that affirms the commonalities rather than emphasizing the di stinctions between religious thought. Perhaps, while discussing religion with Christian or Islamic friends you might find it good to focus on the many points of similarity rather than arguing and disturbing their mind. They might eventually feel that what you are actually saying is that your religion is better than theirs. Student: This makes perfect sense to me, but there are also advices…I think even in the Buddha’s teachings, not to get too wrapped up in another set of teachings, and there must be some good reason for that. My question is, is that because when you start to practice