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Body of Christ and Buddhahood, Refuge, Retreat at Lotus Lake, War and other Buddhist musings....

I have often thought about the speed of different life forms. Perhaps the slow loris or the snail might not be able to see us well... we might appear to their perceptions as a blur. The hummingbird moves so quickly.... we might seem to them  as if we moved like snails. Inner beings move at a greater speed because their perceptions are not as encumbered as the dense human mind however, clarity inner beings, such as buddhas are effortlessly quick, even appearing in many places at once. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Ich habe oft über die Geschwindigkeit verschiedener Lebensformen nachgedacht. Vielleicht können uns der langsame Faulaffe oder die Schnecke nicht gut sehen... es könnte sein, dass wir in ihrer Wahrnehmung verschwommen erscheinen. Der Kolibri bewegt sich so schnell.... vielleicht kommt es ihm vor, als ob wir uns wie Schnecken bewegten. Innere Wesen bewegen sich mit größerer Geschwindigkeit weil ihre Wahrnehmungen nicht so belastet sind wie der dichte menschl

Slow Down, My Previous Life, HH Dalai Lama Teaching and other Buddhist musings

Let’s slow down a bit to change our view mindfully by training ourselves to respect objects. For example, I have here two pieces of paper that have not been here long, but they have been place together. It we wish to move one of the piec es of paper we could reflect that we are now removing this piece of paper from its present place here and move it with respect to the paper itself. Perhaps this clock was “happy” here on my desk. It had a certain energetic presence by settling in at this location, even though it is only a clock without a will of its own. So, when I move that clock because I decide that it would better over here, I should do so with respect and not roughly or arrogantly. The same goes for this paper, (thank you very much papers), I am going to move this here. Try it with something you have near you, move it with respect from where it is located, and placing it in a new location that either pleases you more, or you feel that “it” would be happier. Spatial respect giv