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Buddhism in Tibetan Tradition, But Not Slavishly So!

That amazing future you that will become fully prepared to enter into the enlightened state will remember you, but you have no way of remembering them. The main point is…. that person about to awaken will never arrive unless you make stron g effort and determination to become free. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Das erstaunliche zukünftige Du, welches vollständig darauf vorbereitet sein wird, in den erleuchteten Zustand einzutreten, wird sich an dich erinnern, aber für dich gibt es keine Möglichkeit, dich an es zu erinnern. Der Hauptpunkt ist... die Person, die kurz vor dem Erwachen steht, wird niemals entstehen, wenn du keine starke Anstrengung unternimmst und den Vorsatz fasst, frei zu werden." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- Ese futuro asombroso tu que se convertirá totalmente preparado para entrar al estado iluminado te recordara, pero no tienes maneras de recordarlo. El punto principal es…. Esa persona que despertara nunca llegara a menos que tu hagas un fuerte esfuerzo y deter

Healing Love, Tibetan Protectors and other musings...

Seems like most folks have attachments to what’s causing them suffering because it’s somewhat useful; for example, hanging onto a job that they hate. Well, they can’t say it’s completely bad; it’s somewhat useful because they give money ev ery week. Perhaps you have lousy relationships with family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, but at least sometimes you get along; you can’t say it’s all bad.  Somewhat similarly, we might apply standards of partial benefit toward our own flaws however; an ambiguous relationship with our bad habits makes it hard to change. We might want to get rid of anger or jealousy, or whatever we use to experience our personal suffering, but also feel resistant. Perhaps we feel that we have an investment in maintaining them because there’s something there that we crave… possibly some strong feeling we want to hold onto. The teachings of dharma will help us to overcome the crutch of craving toward personality flaws as identity. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ “ Es sc