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Thieves, and Grasping and Stress... Oh My!

It's awful to hear about or even meet people with compulsions to take what is not theirs out of greed or a distorted understanding of what will bring happiness. Most of these folks are professional criminals, firmly held in the grip of a dangerous fantasy that whispers to them a story: robbing is correct and beneficial. Because of that, others feel the need to be continuously mindful of “mine”. Ou r gentle observer, which has been is developed in meditation to help us recognize the illusory quality of life is instead coerced by fear to beome the watcher/guardian of our possessions. The effects are stress and anxiety regarding everyone by viewing each as a potential robber. This attitude accumulates, creating a lack of trust and avoiding closeness with others. When the dilemma increases the pressure on the mind, it will cause us to forget our inner balanced view. The dharmic view encourages us to see others as our dear mothers of previous lives, enduring myriad suffe