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Industries of Harm and Promoting Addiction

  Liquor, tobacco, pornography, and other questionable industries try to mold us to believe that something harmful is actually something that we want and is beneficial for us, but secretly wishes to create addiction. However there are many people who can resist those inappropriate temptations. There are even perceptions that we can cultivate so that we can help others. Read one of the many best se llers about how to change your perceptions and start thinking like a winner. We know that our innate or cultivated personal standards can prevent us from falling into confusion regarding right and wrong. There are also many wholesome perceptions that you currently hold, which resonate with Buddhist teachings and trainings how to hold yogic states of mind. The difference between the industries of harm and the dharma is that the dharma views a larger sphere of activity and transformation, encouraging perceptual changes that not only benefit ourselves, but others as well, eter

Wasting Adrenalin on Sports and Other Junk!

Our personal energy system and how we use it both defines us and brings meaning to our interactions with others and our world. It is easy to see that we could be using our time, energy, money and power of attraction more skillfully to glean more from our limited time. Below is a partial list of major waste: Sports are a poor use of adrenalin! Money is a poor use of personal power! Flirting is a poor use of eye contact! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ "Unser persönliches Energiesystem und der Gebrauch den wir davon machen definieren uns und verleihen unserem Austausch mit anderen und unserer Welt Bedeutung. Es ist leicht einzusehen, dass wir unsere Zeit und Energie, unser Geld und unsere Anziehungskraft geschickter einsetzen könnten, um mehr aus unserer begrenzten Zeit zu machen. Im folgenden eine unvollständige Liste der größten Verschwendung: Sport stellt eine schlechte Anwendung von Adrenalin dar! Geld ist eine schlechte Anwendung persönlicher Macht! Flirten i

Self-respect is a Gradual Process

  Self respect is a gradual process with many potential realizations. At deeper levels of clarity, we will discover that our life force is a precious and rare resource. In the preparation for awakening/enlightenment we must become most skillful to use this wisely without damaging it. Even for everyday life we need much more self respect for our life force, an aspect of our awareness. Beyond the possibility of physical damage, the delicate life force is involved in psychological damage such as unhealed disappointment, mistrust and damage to safety mechanisms, which leads to living with underlying fear. We can begin by respecting ourselves with at least as much respect as we give to others, but this time let's do it by caring for ourselves as "other". This will bypass our present psychological damage, which has been causing us to heap even more harm onto ourselves. Higher self respect will help us begin to care for ourselves correctly. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~