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Holding on to Old Stuff and Curiosity

Maybe some things in our possession used to make us happy, but upon reflection, perhaps we don’t really like them as much as we thought we were going to or they have outlasted their usefulness. Often, we continue holding onto our old stuff, or storing it away to convince ourselves that we like it. This dead weight should be identified and discarded as quickly as possible to win back space and ro om to breathe. Give that stuff away to someone who might really use it; we don’t need useless items hanging around that annoy us! Once we clear out the junk, it’s surprising how little we do actually need. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ "Vielleicht haben unsmanche Dinge, die wir besitzen, einmal glücklich gemacht - aber wenn wir darüber nachdenken, mögen wir sie vielleicht nicht so sehr, wie wir es erwartet hatten, oder sie sind uns nun nicht mehr von Nutzen. Wir halten oft an unserem alten Zeugs fest, oder bewahren es irgendwo auf, um uns zu überzeugen, dass wir es mögen.

You are Beginning to Look Like Your Future Life

Your mental outlook arising from your more subtle mind already is beginning to cause you to resemble your next life. If you are pleased with that, good! If you are worried... now is the time to change! Life should help us in the important transformation to a higher worldview. Three "check your worldview" questions to ask yourself (don't post your answers) Do I like people in general? Do I prefer animals to people? Do I often feel angry or fearful? ~~~~ "Deine geistige Einstellung, die aus Deinem subtileren Geist aufsteigt, veranlasst Dich bereits dazu, Dir selbst in Deinem zukünftigen Leben ähnlich zu sehen. Wenn Du damit zufrieden bist, dann gut! Wenn Du Dir Sorgen machst... dann ist jetzt die Zeit, Dich zu verändern! Das Leben sollte uns helfen, die wichtige Transformation zu einer höheren Weltsicht durchzuführen. Hier sind drei Fragen zur 'Überprüfung Deiner Weltsicht', die Du Dir stellen kannst (ohne die Antworten zu posten) Mag ich Mensch

Promises, Practice and Podcasts: A Buddhist Buffet

Free Podcast! (The search for Truth- What is possible?) Domo Geshe Rinpoche leads a discussion on the criteria we use to determine truth vs non-truth. Each individual has explicit or implicit criteria. If you do not understand the criteria you use, your search for truth will be hampered. This discussion is preliminary to discussing, "What is enlightenment?" The four great wishes of all Tibetan Buddhist practices are really a holding space type of promise and an emerging holy bond with all living beings. These wishes are profound promises because they are made with a special state of mind called bodhicitta motivation. When I first came to America back in the early 70’s, (when I was still Tibetan), my American students would ask me dharma questions but I often felt their motivation in the discussions begin to focus more on “me and mine, or this is so bad”. While they were getting d