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Unstress the Tantric Way

Feeling stressed right now? Would you kindly take a deep breath, take a deep inhalation and whoosh it all out strongly through the mouth and hold the exhale for a short time. Lower your shoulders, drop the stress, just let it fall away from you. Take another deep breath and see if there is a little bit more clear space opened up..... but this time visualize how you would feel without any problem s. That's probably starting to feel a little bit better. It might be good to do later also to train yourself to use an easy and effective remedy. Letting out your breath like this acts as an escape valve; it also releases some of the energetic support which is fastening our problems to us. When we are clenching, that can actually hold the problem in place. What we need to do is decompress and send away that energetic strut. Thinking about the problem will be hard when there is no cushion for it to sit on. This is Tantric yogic breath. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ ********* „F├╝hlst du dich ge