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Buddhist Contemplations on Balance, Impatience and the Life Force Mind

  It is essential for each of us to both appreciate and cultivate deeper spiritual balance. It will not come by learning or doing, but by holding skillful dharma perceptions during meditation without ordinary mind getting in the way. At deeper levels there will develop a precious accumulation of higher perceptions, eventually causing an absolutely new state of mind to dissolve ordinary mind skillful ly. We will then no longer be suffering, ordinary human beings, but hold the perceptions of enlightened being. There is no difference between having the full perceptions of enlightened being, and being an enlightened being. There are no other identifying marks other than having the nature of awakened being in order to be an enlightened being! These perceptions are not located in the intellectual mind, but where perceptions of reality are held, in the energetic being, in deep nature. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Es ist unerlässlich für jeden von un

Culture Benefits?, Kindness, Revenge and other Musings

 Enlightenment is the only method of closure to dissatisfaction that is based in reality. The end of unhappy states will not happen by getting revenge toward enemies, winning happiness, by getting what you want or even by getting what you feel that you need! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~ "Erleuchtung ist die einzige Methode die auf der Realität beruht, mit der man die Unzufriedenheit beenden kann. Unglückliche Zustände werden kein Ende nehmen, wenn man sich an Feinden rächt, das Glück erlangt, indem man bekommt was man will, und selbst dann nicht, wenn man das bekommt, von dem man das Gefühl hat es zu brauchen." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---   From a segregated world, isolated by culture, distance, and language, came unique development such as the Japanese tea ceremony, Buddhism as practiced in Tibet and textile weaving in Peru. The greatest, most intelligent and skillful people competitively and passionately raised their own standards of excellence, uncontaminate