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Buddhist musings for springtime........

Two explanations of the same innate view Classic Buddhism describes the innate view as the error of taking what is transitory and impermanent as permanent. All suffering arises from this misknowledge. However, I have expanded this description to understand that the innate view also bestows a full but minimum set of perceptions that are needed to allow the transmigrating consciousness of a to-be-hu man to participate within the human realm. After the breakthrough of enlightenment, aware practitioners will not discard the minimal basic and now purified innate view but will mold it skillfully into a correct conventional view. Same innate view but a non-Buddhist explanation-- Within the deeper mind of every individual person are several carefully constructed base perceptions that must be present in order for them to participate in their human potential development within the human realm. We cannot damage our perceptions by pretending the world is not there, or that we are not here, in ord