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Buddhism for the Elite and other musings

 Buddhism is not just dry mental entertainment for the intellectual elite, as it has often become in the West! The greatness of Buddhism is found in the feature of redeeming grace of the Buddha, which makes us feel safe and fortunate while l ifting our minds from ordinary thinking! Buddhism also brings inspiration to children so that they can grow up instilled with strong spiritual values with encouragement to make effort, while teaching respect for parents, teachers and all living beings including animals. Strong techniques used by psychiatry and psychology, such as responsibility and caring for others, are based in Mahayana compassion, and are changing people’s lives that have become damaged and twisted. These are all part of what is disseminated in Buddhism as well. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~ "Buddhismus für Alle! Den Buddhismus gibt es nicht nur für eine intellektuelle Elite, wie das im Westen oft der Fall ist! Durch das aussöhnende Moment der Gnade des Buddha fü

Win a Retreat Weekend for Four at Buddhist Center in Wisconsin

CONTEST: Win a free retreat weekend for 4 people at Lotus Lake Buddhist Center in central Wisconsin. Write in 50 words or less (in comment line) about retreat or why you and your guests should be selected. Contest closes April 12th midnigh t. (Not during a group teaching weekend and open only to those who have never been to Lotus Lake, including guests of the winner. Come anytime within one year. If you live far away, you may transfer it to another person. Lastly... certainly, one does not have to be Buddhist to come here. ~~~ "WETTBEWERB Gewinne ein gratis Retreatwochenende für 4 Personen im Lotus Lake Buddhist Center in Zentralwisconsin. Schreibe in bis zu 50 Worten (hier im Kommentarfeld) etwas zum Thema Retreat oder warum Du und Deine Freunde gewinnen sollten. Der Wettbewerb endet am 12. April um Mitternacht (Wisconsinzeit). (Kann nicht während eines Gruppenseminars eingelöst werden. Gültig für ein Jahr und nur für Leute, die noch nie im Lotus Lake Center w