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Ancient Conundrum, Patience and Choices, other Buddhist musings

There are different states of being and other living beings that have nothing to do with human realm. This place is only a tiny corner of manifestation and not the primary interest of most bodhisattvas. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~ "Es gibt verschiedene Seinszustände und andere Lebewesen, die nichts mit dem menschlichen Bereich zu tun haben. Dieser Ort hier ist nur ein winziges Eckchen der Manifestation und liegt nicht im Hauptinteresse der meisten Bodhisattvas." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- The ancient solution to a conundrum. Try searching for a self by using the sevenfold reasoning developed by Chandrakiriti: a step-by-step mind training. However, without doing it systematically, the conundrum of subconscious belief will cause us to remain and further stir confusion by mixing reasoning out of order. We could miss the real value of a much needed change of mind by jumping to another  aspect before mentally processing the part of the puzzle we are working on. Meditate

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