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Timeless Enlightenment and Dark Matter

In a strict sense, all phenomena are empty of inherent existence, even those that cannot be directly observed because of subtle causes and conditions. The controversy whether space is permanent or not is even debated as fine points of cosmology between Buddhist traditions. Dark matter is an aspect of space. If it has function, it is pure or clarity illusory as well as also being empty of inherent  existence. On the other hand, the contamination that brings rise to phenomena is simply the aggregation of confused and misaligned energies without producing a valid and stable function. I personally cannot accept dark matter as a theoretical fantasy, because it has a reactive existence by default. Unexplained energy is there where we cannot see it with today’s instruments... but tomorrow... ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "In einem strengen Sinn sind alle Phänomene leer von inhärenter Existenz, selbst jene, die durch subtile Ursachen und Bedinungen nicht direkt beobachtet werden können. D

Watched by Higher Being?

Many sensitive people have a problem being around the suffering of another because it is personally painful and mentally distressing. They cannot help the one that is suffering because they are in pain themselves. This is because as long as one carries seeds of suffering inside, the suffering of others will cause their own anguish to re-ignite. This is why the bodhisattvas extinguished their own s uffering to become capable of helping others. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Für viele sensible Menschen ist es ein Problem in der Nähe von Leidenden zu sein weil es für sie persönlich schmerzhaft und eine geistige Qual ist. Sie können dem Leidenden nicht helfen weil sie selbst Schmerzen haben. Denn solange jemand die Samen des Leids in sich trägt wird durch das Leid von anderen seine eigene Pein neu angefacht. Deshalb haben die Bodhisattvas ihr eigenes Leiden ausgelöscht, um fähig zu werden, anderen zu helfen." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- Beaucoup de gens sensibles ont un problème face