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How an 80 year old Buddhist Finally Found Peace of Mind

My 80 year old student came to see me one day, very upset, “Rinpoche, my 87 year old husband is ill. He’s so crabby I can’t stand him anymore but I am the only one to take care of him. It’s just the two of us, and he makes me crazy! I want to become enlightened, but all the time, he is calling for me, ringing his damn bell. What do I do?” I had to consider this for a while. She cried that s he did not have any free time, only care giving, and she was quite elderly and frail herself. She told me sincerely, “I want to help all sentient beings, all living beings, but he takes up all of my time, and he treats me so bad.” I told her, “Serve him his breakfast tomorrow morning as usual, but as you hand him the bowl think to yourself ‘I am serving this food to this one individual, but in reality and in my heart of hearts, may this be magnified so that food is set before every living being. I do not do it only for him. I am doing it for him, but I am also feeding every

Romance is Overrated as Love

Romance is overrated as a vehicle for the expression of love. The ordinary body and mind will never be able to contain love in its abundancy. That is why we must transcend... to find a form suitable to experience the full flowering of love. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ "Romantik wird als Medium für den Ausdruck von Liebe überschätzt. Der gewöhliche Körper und Geist werden n iemals fähig sein, Liebe in ihrer Fülle zu fassen. Aus diesem Grund müssen wir Transzendenz erlangen... um eine angemessene Form für das Erleben der vollen Blüte der Liebe zu finden." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---~~~~ La romance est surrestimée en tant que véhicule d'expression de l'amour. Le corps et l'esprit ordinaires ne pourront jamais contenir l'amour dans toute son abondance. C'est pour cela que nous devons la dépasser...afin de trouver un aspect convenable capable d'experimenter la pleine floraison de l'amour.~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ The end of level one of Gran

Fantasies and Dharma Realities

  It is easy for embedded fantasies of genuine seekers to become attached to their commitments and vows. This is so much so, that even more advanced practitioners can be unsure which parts of their development might be attached to correct concepts and which are incorrect views accumulating over time or lifetimes. Sometimes it is not easy for the meditator to distinguish what is to be discarded, and what is supposed to be held. That mixture will then merge as additional interpretation of dharma realities. Without individual help, the practitioners own understanding will continue to mix with dharma teachings they will receive, creating a personal environment that will feel comfortable to the practitioner, but is a transitional dharmic worldview that continues to be incorrect. This is why it is valuable to have a good personal relationship with a mentor as a coach. This is dharma! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ "Bei jenen, die ehrlich auf der Suche sind, kann es leich