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What is Art?

What is art, music, dance, and  literature? Living beings are by nature, compulsively expressive, h owever, the actual creative force is pre-active to the human realm and is stimulated to manifestation in several ways. One is provoked by karma, a copiously boiling mixture of inner causes without closure. This unorganized potential meets volatile conditions in the world and in the personal environment. Another way creativity is expressed is by a natural and organic process of personal evolutionary development. This more organized expression arrives from the interior "seeded" by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas that spill into manifestation as sacred energies. In higher development however, being compelled to stir creativity to manifestation is not as skillful as moving awareness toward the interior during meditation. The greater creative act is  to enter the dynamic stillness of the pre-active state. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

Thought for Friday (+ Spanish, French, German, Italian) retranslations welcome

"Weaning away the innate view of an ordinary person is like telling someone hypnotized to think they are a chicken that they actually are not a chicken. The complex structure of the innate view includes many elements that made you a candidate for the human realm. That we perceive what is illusory to be real also protects and guides us in a natural process of development and preparation for transformation. A correct view of reality will not come by ripping apart the innate view programming. Gently we begin to doubt and gradually we become ready to enter the stage without foundation- that is all it it! What happen next opens to new development possibilities-, but not until we let go of the messy piece of candy gripped in our hand that seems all so delicious by reducing grasping. No need to push about emptiness, it is already built into our spiritual DNA unfolding" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~ "Destete lejos la vista innata de una persona ordinaria parece a la narración alguien

Naming Objects is Lightning Quick (5 languages)

"The effortless and lightning quick ability to imbue objects and others with awareness in order to perceive them is connected to a primary function of existence in the human realm described in Buddhism as the innate view. The traditional position describes the confused or wrong view that a self exists when it does not. This conclusion is repeated again and again throughout Buddhist philosophy and psychological training of the mind and is a basic distillation of many elements and dynamics that wisdom has introduced or entered into consideration as part of the path. However it has become or changed into a system that attempts instead to erode the superstructure of the ego. This punishment of the ego will cause it to submerge or change or adapt to the harsh methods to destroy it. It easily changes into a disgusting display of impoverished self-degradation that is totally fake. It is frightening to watch a person who is attempting to control their ego by being so humble when they are

Sending a Message to the Universe

"To be present for the sake of others as fully as possible automatically arises a release of joy and well -being that makes us capable of exhibiting compassionate care. As a sign of civilization in a universal sense, how we care for those at end of life tells the universe that we are capable of entering into higher responsibilities. Every moment of compassion lights up our world to exhibit to the universe that we are a safe place for living beings to arrive, live and depart" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~ "Para estar presente para el bien de los demás tanto como sea posible de forma automática surge un comunicado de alegría y de bienestar que nos hace capaces de exhibir el cuidado compasivo. Como un signo de civilización en un sentido universal, la forma en que el cuidado de personas al final de la la vida dice el universo que somos capaces de entrar en mayores responsabilidades. Cada momento de ... Ver Más luces compasión nuestro mundo para mostrar al universo que somos un lug

Keep a Balanced and Steady Mind

"We can uplift the mind without resorting to discussions of either ultimate states, or arousing desire. However, we could keep in mind that there is more to existence than what we are presently experiencing without falling into fantasy about ultimates. Then we do what humans are built to do, practice getting along with others and learning about true compassion in accordance with a spiritual evolutionary development that emerges from within. This all occurs within the human realm while making steady effort toward a clean and unencumbered transformation" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ Wir keönnen den Geist erheben, ohne auf die Diskussionen der letzten beiden Staaten oder zu wecken wollen. Allerdings konnten wir im Hinterkopf behalten, dass es mehr als die Existenz, was wir gegenwärtig erleben, ohne in Fantasie über Letzten. Dann haben wir das tun, was Menschen gebaut sind, zu tun, Praxis Auskommen mit anderen und das Lernen über true Mitgefühl in Einklang mit einem spirituellen evol

Making Peace with the Outgoing Year

"I wish to make peace with this last year and not blame time for any difficulties that I may have experienced while in its grasp. I release it in my mind to join all the other past years in rest. In that way, may my grasping not find an object to punish. No aging regrets, no guilt for what remains undone and no desire to remain in the old year. Eyes straight ahead... fresh, a new chance... I promise this before the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas!" Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~ "Ich möchte meinen Frieden mit dem letzten Jahr machen und nicht der Zeit die Schuld für irgendwelche Schwierigkeiten geben, die mir vielleicht widerfahren sind, während ich mich in seiner Umklammerung befand. Ich befreie es in meinem, damit es sich friedlich allen anderen vergangenen Jahren hinzugesellen kann. Möge meine Anhaftung auf diese Weise kein Objekt zum Bestrafen finden. Kein Bedauern über das Älterwerden, keine Schuldgefühle wegen unerledigter Dinge und kein Verlangen im alten Jahr zu bleibe