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Getting Rid of Karma and other musings....

Student: Is it important to know when you have exhausted a particular karma? How do I know so that I don’t continue to look for certain things? You mentioned before that maybe someone doesn’t have karma for marriage. That’s one example ; maybe I don’t have the karma, yet still pursue the things that maybe I don’t have karma for. How do I know when a karma has been exhausted so that I can move on? Rinpoche: Good luck! Isn't this a perfect example of the human dilemma? It’s important that we make effort to do the best we can. This is skillful means that each of us needs to continue to improve in our activities. You must figure these out by your own capacity. Student: So, it’s important to identify when those karmas are exhausted so that I don’t keep going? Rinpoche: You won’t know. If it keeps coming up, perhaps it’s a persistent obstacle to be overcome in this life. Maybe this difficulty is regarding getting along with others in general, one of our two great lessons. ~ Domo Geshe