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The Rift Between Thinking and Feeling and other Buddhist musings

Modern spirituality encourages us to always trust our feelings as the method to express our own spirituality because logic doesn’t serve that rationale. Those who believe that emotional ups and downs distort common sense and reason want proof before committing to a belief relationship. Over time, these opposing points of view have exacerbated the distinctions between logical seekers and feeling se ekers of reality and created a passionate schism between people that don’t trust each others method. Those who are logical tend to not trust their own feelings, which make them feel not in control of a situation, while those who experience life more as feelings tend to not trust logic that they feel is often manipulative. On the other hand, it seems that feelings generated by unmet expectations, fear and other unseen causes bring suffering and confusion and logic alone can make one distant and cold, unfeeling, and out of touch with their own life. Problems in approaching under

Buddhist Prayer Before a Meal

There is a subtle essence to everything. When offering food before eating, you are not offering the plate of food itself but a subtle essence of it. This is offered specifically to the inner process at the heart center and not outside to a statue or universal energies. Recite the offering mantra OM AH HUM, OM AH HUM, OM AH HUM. This is all that's really necessary. There are longer prayers and othe r practices such as tsok offering at meal time used in Tibetan system that have many nice meanings. However, the most important part of the actual offering is the OM AH HUM. Perhaps it's easier to remember the meaning when you're not reciting a longer verse. So, while chanting OM AH HUM, OH AH HUM, OH AH HUM, visualize that the essence goes interior, more energetically. You don't need to visualize beings or colors or anything like that. Then thinking, "I am going to partake of the gross food with my gross body. However, before I even do that may the actual