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Yawn and Sigh: Natural Yogas

Yawning will shift the internal life force dynamic by using a kind of hydraulic pressure to lift the mind. It indicates an incapability to do what needs to be done with the state of mind that is present. Most folks yawn at night or when bored to adjust their inner energy to continue being awake and alert. Some will yawn in the morning to try to wake up. Sighing would have an opposite effect by subconscious control: depressing the life force. It would indicate a strategy of not wanting to add further energy from an interaction by removing energy. Yogic energy adjustments are done differently but there is a similar basis in the body/mind/lifeforce energies of the ordinary person. That is why it is possible to train in the inner yogas to gain conscious control of the body and mind. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Beim Gähnen verschiebt sich die Dynamik der inneren Lebenskraft, indem durch eine Art hydraulischen Druck der Geist erhoben wird. Dies deutet auf die Unfähigkei