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Abusing Initiation and other Buddhist musings

Now a days many receive authentic transmission but abuse it or throw it away like garbage; ask His Holiness the Dalai Lama what he thinks of that. For shame!  The empowerment done with highest wishes and received with promise to fulfill it  by practicing is often one sided! In that case, it would be better to go to an empowerment with a bag of popcorn to experience the entertainment! The damage done by abuse of initiation living energies will cause the decay and damage the sacred lineages held by Tibetans from the time of Lord Buddha to this present day - faster than any Chinese prison! Further, it damages the future of the student by breaking promises. The bigger battle for the contemporary initiating lama is the struggle to help those students who receive the precious diamond of initiation and introduction to vast awakened benefit living presence and practice rather than those who discard it as a whim! Do you know that you can make buddhas suffer? Due to their compassion, they man

Women and Buddhism, other musings

I'm not a feminist but I am listening to our dramatically changing times. It is apparent that women are no longer exclusively bound by traditional work, isn’t that so? Even as recently as forty years ago, Western women were expected to marr y, produce children and stay at home regardless of their own choices. At that time it was rare for women to pursue a full time spiritual career because their entire time and their expectations of freedom of personal choice were superseded by the choices of others. Society allowed women spirituality, but not a spiritual career. That has now changed. Intelligent men and women of the West are being looked at very carefully as the guardians, the next wave. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Ich bin keine Feministin aber lausche auf die Zeichen der Zeit. Die Frauen der heutigen Zeit sind nicht mehr an ihre traditionelle Arbeit gebunden, nicht wahr? Noch vor vierzig Jahren wurde von einer westlichen Frau erwartet, daß sie heiratet, Kinder bekommt und zu

Karma, Personalized Prayer and other musings

Karma is complex. Positive, negative, neutral, individual, group karma or more. Ripened, manifest, seed form, throwing, completion, or skillfully exhausted by the energy of the event. Still, we can discuss good and bad karma in a superficial way and get some benefit”~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~ "Karma ist kompliziert. Positiv, negativ, neutral, individuell, Gruppenkarma und mehr. Gereift, manifest, in Samenform, werfend, vollendet oder kunstfertig durch die Energie des Ereignisses erschöpft. Und doch können wir gutes und schlechtes Karma auf oberflächliche Weise diskutieren und trotzdem noch einen Nutzen davon haben." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---~ Karma es complejo. Positivo, negativo, neutral, individual, grupal karma o mas. Madurado, manifiesta, semillas de, que proyecta, que completa o habilmente exhaustos por la energia de el evento. Todavia, podemos discutir buen karma o mal karma de una forma superficial y tener un beneficio. Domo Geshe Rimpoche the gentle breeze