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Buddhists with Messy Garages and other Messes

The way the everyday mind works probably doesn’t give good grounding to help with end-of-life care at home for a family member: the medical aspects as well as watching for subtle signs to make them more comfortable. It is a very difficult job for a family member caregiver. Others who occasionally visit don’t know what is happening and due to anxiety often will overcompensate by complaining strong ly about the care of the patient that makes it hard on everyone. No one, (visitor and caregiver alike) looks forward to their visiting day. It seems as though an end of life caregiver must be like Solomon from the Bible, never making mistakes, always saying the right thing, and never running late, but it just doesn’t work that way, does it? If others are blaming due to their own unease, they will always find something to condemn. Let there be peace surrounding the person at end of life and deal with anxiety through meditation and prayer. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ ************ “Die Funktionsw