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Toward a Heavenly Tantric Realm Birth

The momentum of tantric practice acts as a trajectory to be born in a tantric realm as well as preparation for entry into various inner levels of yogic accomplishment in future human lives. According to the individual, knowledge of what ye ar, and what pure land you are going to, as well as what should be your primary practices correctly remain hidden from you. The answers to these questions are shadowy for me, showing as potential or possibilities because of the levels of responsibility you haven’t yet accomplished. In other words, after investing care and attention in a student through initiation, personal guidance, and teachings, the student has to make effort. When that is done properly, more pieces of certainty regarding his or her future comes together. Even so, many elements of higher development will continue to remain uncertain, such as where and by what method you are going to arise in higher training in a tantric realm. Nevertheless, the general arisal mu

Learning About Happiness

 Each and every person living in a monastery or in a lay sangha should already have profound respect for the bonds of community. This springs from a general attitude of feeling happy to be with others. However, no one is a perfect model of c ommunity, but due to common goals this valuable attitude can and should be cultivated. It works in exactly the same way for a family household, school, or even a workplace, even though we might not share every goal in common. Because troubles in family, and other forms of community keep happening, we can continue to improve our own attitude about others rather than only trying to change them. I sometimes find it helpful to think ‘It’s not about you and it’s not about me!’ Eventually, in whatever group we find ourselves, we can approach others with a new calm happiness; we will feel much more comfortable around our little community. Community is the laboratory where we will then continue to practice how to get along with others, (the

Buddhists Try to Speak Sweetly?

We can still be strong if needed with others but watchful to avoid harsh speech that will hurt others feelings, damage relationships and gather negative karmic consequences in the future. The ten non-virtues of Buddhist practice: killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, divisive speech, abusive speech, idle speech, covetousness, harmful intent, and wrong views. Number six, the third in the speech non-virtue grouping is using insulting words and harsh speech. This particular one might be hard for many folks! Harsh speech is becoming quite common; in person, violent music, on the internet, in emails, and so on. Even if we have to say something tough, it might not be the non-virtue of harsh speech, but we should definitely avoid insulting words when communicating with others. It might give us a temporary feeling of power, but it is cosmically wrong and will also eventually bring us harm. To reverse this bad habit of harming others, we must monitor our own mind until

Passive Negativity and other Buddhist musings

Passive negative thinking is delivered to us by media and other kinds of entertainment by displaying to us casual use of anger and violence. One of my students told me that she just glanced into another room of her home while her family wa s watching a violent TV show. Just at that moment somebody shot another person in the TV show. She reacted with unexpected visceral shock, as though someone was in the family home and shooting right there in her own safe place. We can eventually become inured to and accept acts of negativity as normal by the way media, including the internet and social media display graphic violence as part of everyday life. I have observed how television, and other media, moves the mind passively. All you have to do is sit down, assume your favorite position, maybe chin on your chest or lying on your tummy in front of the TV, and just let your mind go. You have become trained to move into a passive state that you might call enjoying television.