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In the Tibetan Tradition but not Slavishly So

Rinpoche: Yesterday we examined some of the elements that comprise the calm mind. When it is thoroughly understood and practiced sincerely, this new relationship between you and your own mind will not operate from the emotional strata, or be influenced by the waves that exude from that swirling. Thoughts will be generated from the more stable basis of your mind. Then this other disturbing dynamic  will completely disappear. How many of you practiced this yesterday? Did you experience emotions or were you suppressing your emotions? Were you feeling more capable? Student: The disturbing emotions just disappeared. R: It just disappeared. You did not cease to be you, in fact, it was likely that you were feeling more YOU than before. A calm state can also happen through artificial means, for example, with certain kinds of flashing lights that change your brain waves but that does not address the problem of being actually able to do it. At the time of passing away, there will be a tremend

Science of Bodhisattvas

There are important differences between the enlightened bodhisattva on the way to perfection and the buddha level action arm called an emanated bodhisattva. While the learner Bodhisattva struggles to understand higher functioning life due to residual stains of their consciousness, the emanated Bodhisattva (a nirmanakaya human being) only needs to really think about the concept carefully in order t o be able to remember. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ ********** "Es gibt grosse Unterschiede zwischen dem erleuchteten Bodhisattva auf dem Weg zur Vollkommenheit und dem handelnden Arm der Buddhaebene, welchen man einen emanierten Bodhisattva nennt. Wáhrend der lernende Bodhisattva aufgrund restlicher Verunreinigungen seines Bewusstseins damit kámpft das hóher funktionierende Leben zu verstehen, braucht der emanierte Bodhisattva (ein Nirmanakayamensch) nur wirklich sorgfáltig úber das Konzept nachdenken, um sich daran erinnern zu kónnen." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- #domogesherinpoche