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Don't Make Your Inner Being Crazy!

We can change our karma in three ways: mental effort, restraining reactions to negative events and by inspiring our minds to higher standards.  Mental effort is done by sheer discipline taking the right actions by knowing right from wrong. This is the most difficult method because of habit or an environment that wrongly stimulates us to poor ways that continue to lead us to suffering as the result . Restraining reactivity gives space to think before blaming others for difficulties before we know all the facts. This is the next most difficult method but, with practice we can train ourselves to not jump to conclusions. The actual karmic consequences occur here… the junction between the exhaustion of the created karma and the energetic activation of its next form due to our response… or its dissolution of power to continue. The easiest way to change our karma is to inspire ourselves by reading the lives of the great sages. We can also read and contemplate the dharma teachings of the B