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Self-love Free Buddhist Podcast

It is possible to overcome allergies by perceptual healing.. but most people would be offended to hear that and would think you are disrespecting them and saying it is only in their head! In Oberhausen, Germany 6/9.11 speaking to Hospice workers and volunteers about end of life and special meditations for hospice           false superiority really takes a beating when among gifted and kind people.... hahahaha This week's FREE podcast is about self-love. Modern psychology tells us that we cannot love others unless we love our self. What does Buddhism tell us about stable love?         I had a student in my before who, when asked "where do you live?" would point to his heart center saying, "I live here, and when I move, don't bother to write!"     Dr Stefan Buff reads from his new translation of Mystery of Emptiness & Love in German language during retreat in Oldenbur

White Conch Summer Buddhist Retreat

From the great ocean of reality, may the mighty river of the compassionate teachings called Lord Buddha touch all living beings. May it flow forever! Blessings to all on this celebration day of the full moon of Saka Dawa. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ Greetings! This year, with the support of many, Norbu Retreat House is nearing completion. We are so pleased to have this new land and house that allows us to expand our retreat offering. For the first time, White Conch is offering three sessions of summer retreat. You can come to any or all of them. Each session is self-contained, and yet extended attendance allows one to go deeper into the transformative retreat process. We are pleased to offer three exceptional topics and empowerments by our precious teacher, Domo Geshe Rinpoche .  Session 1: Meditation Retreat to Improve your Karma Saturday, July 9 - Saturday, July 16 Our daily life, as well as all the "good and b

The Reality of Time

Ordinary mind craves organization by using perceptual time as a guide. This need to stabilize perceptions in general is further influenced by mutual human realm agreements to break up life into distinct modules such as hours, minutes, past and future. If we believe that to be time, we miss the real experience of our own presence in our life! Perceptual time is like a sheen of oil on water. We are influenced to only see a rainbow like covering. Real time is only NOW, the only time we are actually alive is now. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~   ""Der gewöhnliche Geist sehnt sich nach Ordnung und benutzt dafür die Zeitwahrnehmung als Orientierung. Dieses Bedürfnis Wahrnehmungen im Allgemeinen zu stabilisieren wird darüberhinaus von gegenseitigen Übereinkommen im menschlichen Bereich beeinflusst, die das Leben in klare Einheiten, wie Stunden, Minuten, Vergangenheit und Zukunft einteilen. Wenn wir glauben, dass die Zeit daraus besteht, verpassen wir das wahre Erlebnis

Immersion Study of Buddhism

The earlier instructions to be practiced in the Lam Rim (stages of the Path), are like a big scrub down with scratchy brushes, soap and hot water! Then we finally get to the Lam Rim portion where we read and think about, ‘These are the qualities which I want to develop.’ Like being in a clean room, we also will feel a little bit emptier. Maybe we might even feel a little bit lonely, because at this point, we might not know who we are anymore! Perhaps we used to think ‘Oh, I know who I am; I am who my father told me I was. Now I got it.' But then, in your teens, you realized that you are not who your father says you were, and that is when the problems started. Gradually we discover who we are not. Rejecting who our parents thought we were, some decide that we are who our friends think we are. That can also fall away, isn’t that so? Perhaps you realized that you have special qualities, you have things to do, places to go, and things to see that do not have any