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Spiritual Eagerness, Simplicity, Pleasing Our Parents and other Buddhist musings....

Experiencing incomprehensible feelings of spiritual eagerness while meditating is a sign that veils between your gross mind and your subconscious, or inner more subtle minds, are beginning to thin. From that experience can arise a new kind  of you that doesn’t have to explain why you feel joyful. You will steadily become more open, and more capable; this is an inner shift of your essence to refuge as faith. The only way this faith is meaningful and reliable is when you feel protected inside by previously generating correct earlier refuge of safety in the care of the awakened Buddha. This is dharma of the Great Path! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ „Wenn du während der Meditation ein unerklärliches Gefühl spirituellen Verlangens verspürst, ist dies ein Anzeichen dafür, dass sich die Schleier zwischen deinem groben Geist und deinem Unterbewusstsein (oder den inneren subtileren Geistesebenen) beginnen zu lichten. Aus dieser Erfahrung kann ein neues Du aufsteigen, das keine Erklärun

Compassion Studies, No One Suffers, and other Buddhist musings...

(Discussion with students) Compassion is the most important subject that we can study. It is actually the only subject that you can do something about with your own will power. It is the only dharmic realization that cannot be bestowed up on you. To a certain extent we can be blessed into certain levels of wisdom but the one thing that cannot be given is compassion. It is the very thing that we must struggle and make effort to establish as a core virtue. Compassion in its many forms is the most important subject to study…. and if we fail to transform our mind and stabilize a mind of compassion, we will not become aligned with enlightened mind. So, how many times do you think you have failed? In how many lives do you think you have failed? Student: Innumerable. Rinpoche: Innumerable? Anybody got a number? Student: Millions. Rinpoche: Maybe not millions. Student: Twelve hundred. Rinpoche: Twelve hundred. That’s a good number. I don't know if it's a true number, but anyway. ~ D

Wisdom, Samsara, the Crabby Mind and other Buddhist musings....

The root of impatience is a determination to offend others. Impatience is the successful method used to control others and establish boundaries.  Impatience is the favorite passive aggressive technique to get things done by intelligent and  kind women.... To change, we must see how it harms and not the successes! Then it is dharma! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~ "Die Wurzel der Ungeduld ist eine Art Entschlossenheit, andere zu beleidigen. Ungeduld ist die erfolgreiche Methode, die dazu angwandt wird, andere zu kontrollieren und Grenzen zu setzen. Ungeduld ist die beliebteste passiv-aggressive Technik, um intelligente und gütige Frauen dazu zu bringen, Sachen zu erledigen..... Um uns zu verändern, müssen wir sehen, wie verletzend sie ist und nicht wie erfolgreich! Dann ist dies Dharma!" - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- I, and so many others really do hope that renouncing samsara is enough.... but sadly, it will not be enough. We must restructure our present dense and subtle pe