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The Greatness of the Mahayana: Dynamic Retraining

There are three factors in the dynamics of "idea": events, mind and others. Events are what is happening in time and space in your world. Family, community, or work: these are your activities. Mind is what is happening in your perceptions, mixed with your perceptions of how you feel about your perceptions (mental state). Not only are you using your perceptions, but you also have a kind of feedback loop, which critiques yourself. Some people can’t get up on a stage because they see themselves standing on the stage talking to an audience and can’t tolerate the echo. They begin to sweat and to think, “How do I look and what am I saying?” Soon they can’t think at all and sometimes they even faint. Mind also includes influences by inner activity such as your inner being and energetic influences by feeling energies of others. Others means the needs of others, the value of others, as well as interactions that you need from others. This important element includes

The Room is Inside of Me + upcoming teachings in New Mexico

Four walls, a ceiling and a floor. I am inside this room but the room is also inside of me. That is how orientation operates. We must internalize our relationship with phenomena in order to perceive or connect with it at all. If you don't like your surroundings, better check your own mind. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ Vier Wände, eine Decke und ein Fußboden. Ich bin in diesem Raum, aber der Raum ist auch in mir. So funktioniert Orientierung. Wir müssen unsere Beziehung mit den Phänomenen verinnerlichen, damit wir sie überhaupt wahrnehmen und uns mit ihnen verbinden können. Wenn Du Deine Umgebung nicht magst, überprüfe lieber mal Deinen Geist." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- White Conch Dharma Center Hosts Domo Geshe Rinpoche  Greetings! We are very pleased to welcome Domo Geshe Rinpoche back to Northern New Mexico. The setting for her May 13, 14th and 15th visit will be a charming adobe home among the cottonwoods in the village of Medanales near Abiquii. In this

If reality was beer... would you take a sip?

If reality was beer... would you take a sip? If reality was 6 inch spike heels... would you try it on? If reality was a prize winning chocolate bar... would you take a bite?   When desiring to know reality is more valuable than what we presently desire most, the path of preparation for enlightenment is coming to an end. These are only examples of addictions that are compelling. Feel free to insert your favorite addiction. Could we be as attracted to reality as we are to our favorite addiction. I am not criticizing anyone here, but pointing out how compelli ng the search for reality beyond the ordinary desires is for advanced meditators. Many well meaning "spiritual" people advocate an extreme enjoyment of the ordinary world and ordinary desires as a path to happiness. Instead, let us cultivate higher desire for enlightenment to replace ordinary desire. This is an important intermediate step to wean ourselves away from what we believe will make us happy but lasts

Fear of Death and Podcast: Semi-professional Worriers

Whether we love others a little or love others alot.. there are compassion practices suitable for each stage of our development If we wait until everything is perfect and finished before retreat, that is not possible. We need to find temporary closure so that we can lay our responsibilities aside for a short while When we think coolly about end of life, we might arrive at some quite reasonable and logical conclusions, such as understanding that the death rate is still 100%! We might reverse our fear of death and other attitudes, thinking instead that the problem is not that we are going to die, because each of us will die. The problem becomes how shall we live? ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ "Wenn wir gelassen über das Lebensende nachdenken, gewinnen wir vielleicht die vernünftige und logische Einsicht, dass die Todesrate nach wie vor 100% beträgt! Wir könnten unsere Furcht vor dem Tod und andere Einstellungen umkehren und st...attdessen denken, dass das Problem nicht