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A Blast of Enlightenment and other Buddhist musings.....

The awakening blessing is not like the gentle cascade of illuminating wisdom described in our meditation practice to be poured into our everyday mind that can be used for our spiritual growth. Of course, we want and need free time to meditate. We also want the Buddha to cause our lives to become suitably rearranged for more spiritual emphasis that is called leisure and endowment in Buddhist term inology. This is correct thinking and requesting. However, that will not be nearly enough leisure and endowment to cause the actual awakening. After a great deal of preparation, we must then sincerely make the request for a tremendous burst of illuminated power and energy, like a flash of lightning, to open the door to our enlightened true nature. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~ "Die Segnung des Erwachens sind nicht wie die in unserer Meditationspraxis beschriebene sanfte Kaskade der erhellenden Weisheit, die wir in unseren Alltagsgeist schütten, um sie für unser spirituelles Wachstum zu nutzen.