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Gender Confusion in Buddhism

Female qualities are usually associated with gentleness, nurturing and motherly qualities while male qualities are most often related with a heroic stance in the face of difficulties. The complexity of culture is clearly seen when it assign s qualities and behaviors to males and females while strictly monitoring the distinctions. In an educated world this causes gender conflicts, strong feelings of disrespect and rebellion against the perceived oppression. So, in 37 practices of a Bodhisattva, where it states “The Sons of the Buddhas all practice this way” this is really about Heroes of the Buddhas, the active bodhisattvas.  In our modern world we can easily see that gender-specific identities are not the norm anymore, no matter what culture still says. Active men’s groups emphasize and learn to possess more traditional feminine qualities such as nurturing, love and openness. On the other hand, there are many women with strong male characteristics such as heroic determination. The

What Plagues Buddhists

You are the predecessor of the one in your future who will eventually become the person capable of enlightenment, the great transformation. Because it’s likely that you’re not yet strong enough to endure enlightenment, if you are a consist ent daily meditator, you’ve been given cues and clues of what that person in your future will be like. Seems like a nice person, doesn’t it? That somebody someday will look a lot like you, but will possess conceptions that are perhaps inconceivable to you at this point. To prepare, let’s admire enlightened qualities from descriptions such as 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva, works by Shantideva, or other scriptures. This is dharma! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Du bist der Vorgänger des Menschen in deiner Zukunft, der schließlich zur Erleuchtung, zur großen Transformation fähig sein wird. Da du wahrscheinlich noch nicht stark genug bist, um die Erleuchtung auszuhalten, wurden dir, wenn du regelmäßig täglich meditierst, Schlüssel und Hinweise darauf

Lotus Lake Buddhist Center Art Kitchen

Heriloom tomatoes from our garden (we seed saved for this years planting also)  Our local farmers market carrots naturally fermented in whey, apple cider vinegar and salt  dehydrated and chopped vegetables