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Buddha's Worldview

Many seekers know that whatever is good, happy and joyful in their life is an affirmation of their good karma and spiritual worth. However, from a Buddhist point of view it is also seen as an open door into the feel good craving of worldly spirituality. For some who have embraced Buddhism as a path, their Buddhism is on the other side of their life trying to be honest about their shortcomings so t hat the dharma can fix their problems. This is the dilemma of those in preparation for awakening…. still attracted to the pleasant, and attracted to what brings them happiness. Now we must use honesty in a new way and establish a fresh connection between our Buddhism and our worldly version of spirituality. I am not speaking to the choir here; I am speaking about suffering, because perhaps at this point in the spiritual career of most, they are not prepared to give up craving for the pleasant. True? I have to laugh because even Buddhist spirituality can be worldly. Possessing a new thangka