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Logic, Trust and Influences....

 While defending your viewpoint, you might say, "Well, it's partly like this, and partly like that." This is called, in logical terms, no penetration of the subject by your view. This is like an inept surgeon trying to do heart surgery accid entally cutting a number of different organs, but saying, "Oh well. At least the heart got repaired." It doesn't help when you are unclear because it's mixed up, causing further confusion. Correct analysis is like the sword of Manjushri, driven straight into the argument to clarify what you really mean. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ "Um Deinen Standpunkt zu verteidigen, kann es sein, dass du sagst: 'Nun, es ist teilweise so und teilweise so.' Unter logischen Gesichtspunkten nennt man dies Nichtdurchdringung des Subjekts durch deine Ansicht. Dies ist, als ob ein inkompetenter Chirurg versuchte eine Herzoperation durchzuf├╝hren, dabei versehentlich eine Reihe verschiedener Organe aufschnitte, aber

8 Auspicious Symbols and other dharma musings

  No one is free from the sufferings of feeling unsatisfied… even the rich live in a kind of poverty within samsara. Not only are all those that are not fully awakened in a kind of existential dreamlike prison, but they also will experience the effects of aging, and poverty of different kinds. All unenlightened beings have difficulties to various degrees, but it never fall below a base line of suff ering. This is what must be transcended, the machinery of suffering! Focusing special attention in our meditation practice on the elderly, on poverty, and on illness give us insight about manifest qualities of suffering. We can further understand that different kinds of suffering can be heaped one upon the other; even the sick can be in jail! Many of our elderly are in poverty and even the imprisoned could be elderly, etc. While we are arrogantly healthy and helping others in more difficult circumstance in our daily life, we should remember that others are presently exp