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Family Love, Education for Future Buddhists and other Buddhist musings....

While in community (spiritual, family or other kind), we naturally hold regard for them and the development of their maximum potential and so we want to act with loving-kindness. We try not to interfere but when we must, it should be done  with special loving kindness, and not harshly correcting or blaming. We make effort to develop our own communication skills by these interactions, and then we discover that our learning how to get along with others have beneficial repercussions for the energetic life of the whole community.  Remaining fresh is the challenge in a close-knit group. Living with others in community can be quite enjoyable when loving-kindness is present; there is a kind of a flow, whereas it is often thought that if everyone just follows the rules, then everything will be okay. Rather than that, it is more like surfing, feeling our way by sensing the flow of communication and needs of others while accomplishing group goals. The problem of just living by the rule