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Hawaiian Holy Place

A sacred and secret Hawaiian holy place.  At the road near the hidden entrance to the secret holy place I checked before stepping inside the jungle. I said in inner-speak, “May we come to your holy place?” The Hawaiian sacred inner beings replied, “No, not right now,” because they were doing preparations for important ceremonies which were happening in a few days. Of course, our guide was not  aware of that. The inner beings continued, “We are sorry; we don’t have time to meet because of these activities which are coming up.” By the way, our guide later confirmed it, I think by calling someone on the phone. I said, “We have come from very far; are you sure that I can’t at least come part way toward your location?” They replied in inner-speak, “Yes, come.” Once inside, we went to a particular spot; you cannot even call it a clearing, because it’s deep in the jungle. It was where certain ceremonies…and I explained to the guide, (who wasn’t telling me…but verified it,) that certain c

Feelings of Beauty

The false identity obscures our actual identity that is bonded to reality. However, dismantling the false self will come at the cost of leaving the comfort of familiar methods that we presently use to relate to ourselves and others. The core of the existential dilemma of experiencing suffering by both sorrow and happiness is only uncovered by sincere and consistent meditation. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoch e ~~~ "Die falsche Identität verbirgt unsere eigentliche Identität, welche mit der Wirklichkeit verbunden ist. Der Abbau des falschen Selbst hat jedoch einen Preis: wir müssen die Bequemlichkeit der vertrauten Methoden hinter uns lassen, die wir momentan in der Beziehung zu uns selbst und mit anderen einsetzen. Der Kern des existentiellen Dilemmas, bei dem man sowohl durch Kummer wie durch Glück Leiden erfährt, wird nur durch ernste und beständige Meditation freigelegt." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- Student: Rinpoche, what really happens when we are seeing beauty? Are we seeing ou