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Carnivals and Crystal Clarity

One warm summer evening I chanced upon a tiny old carnival in the parking lot of our nearby grocery store. You know the kind? They have attractions such as a twenty-foot Ferris wheel with banged up creaky cars, little kiddy cars filled with excited children going round and round on a little track accompanied by the latest Latino music. Everything is in miniature; there’s a small inflatable slide  and little booths where you can throw baseballs to try to win a dusty stuffed bunny rabbit. Right at the center of the carnival is their main feature, the open sided trailer selling cotton candy and hot dogs. It reminds me of a meditator thinking about bodhichitta. Just imagine that you’re at the carnival… happy and just want to just squeeze the pink cotton candy because it’s also so sweet and fun. You have no responsibilities or worries. Just gathering energy and practically hugging yourself in this marvelous little carnival of your own making for arising the precious mind of enlightenme

Freedom and Feeling Trapped

Miscommunication and confusion are the natural ways of samsaric living; there are gaps in talent within nearly all human beings because they’re not yet multidimensional. By existing in the human realm while separated from our actual form as a unique individual means that we don’t exist in our capacity for fullness. The life process is sparse by comparison to what it could be. When multidimensional  levels of consciousness open within the support of subtle mind and begin to wake up with sincere practice, the student has a new view of the world, themselves and the possibilities. However, before becoming awake, no one has enough life force to be able to contain a pure enlightened lifestyle. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ “Misskommunikation und Verwirrung sind die natürlichen Ausdrucksformen des samsarischen Lebens; beinahe alle Menschen haben Lücken bei ihren Talenten, denn sie sind noch nicht multidimensional. Im menschlichen Bereich zu existieren, während wir von unserer eigentlichen