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Dialogue with Students, Facing Problems

Pure illusory is how the Buddhas emanations are present in the human realm and also how they reside in the god realms. The process that creates the illusory has a less dense appearance which is the emanator. This is not complicated unless  we are upside down in our thinking by believing that the gross is capable of emanating subtle forms and not the other way around! The main problem is the contamination of the someone running after a mirage of water, trying to get a drink! Illusory only means that the appearance is not the actual way it exists... An important part of Buddhist study and meditation is to correct errors by penetrating meanings and correcting the view. As a Buddhist teacher, I am very aware of new buddhists who are looking for a religion that matches what they already believe; if it doesn't.. they leave to find another place that "resonates" with their own ideas! Those that stay will find new meanings ... ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ “ Es