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Fear of God and other distresses

There is no struggle for objects and phenomena such as inner events, ideas, feelings, as well as sky, clouds, mountains, and other persons, and yourself, to exist in reality. Your struggle is to lose the hypnotic trance that holds you to a way of being in your body, mind, world, and cosmos, which is antithetical to how it actually exists. This distorted view is suffering itself. This intense remainder that is the essence of a noncomposite assembly is also empty of inherent existence. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ ******* excerpt Mystery of Emptiness and Love. Available on Amazon Mystery-Emptiness-Love-Gesh e-Rinpoche/dp/0692003940  (also on Kindle) I have sensed fear of reprisal from their god by believers of one permanent thing to be worshiped, who are capable and ready to skillfully dissolve the innate view that takes the transitory to be permanent. The purpose here is not to damage a careful illusory relationship with God. We will be better Buddhists, C