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Establishing Boundaries, Unactivated Choices and other Buddhist musings...

To find happiness, we will need to have a better sense of balance in our relationships with family and friends, but we also will need more understanding of what is balance itself so that we can make good decisions. Therefore, we approach th e delicate subject of establishing boundaries fearlessly and with bodhichitta motivation. When others are blaming, shaming, or we feel grasping coming up in ourselves, when we want to get into a fight, let’s remember the promise we made of holding bodhichitta, the spiritual altruistic mind. May I suggest that instead of having confrontations with dear ones, relax and confrontation will be like a fist into a pillow; it doesn’t hurt the pillow. Otherwise, it is easy to crack like glass, and feel broken and disappointed; a pillow never feels disappointment. Balance is self-respect and understanding, but when controversy becomes intolerable, be like a pillow. Then we always feel relaxed. Until complete enlightenment, practice being very soft and g