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Enemies and other problems

A distinctive feature between the path of power and the path of compassionate awakening is that those on the path of power cannot afford to be kind. The practice of accumulating power is to hold, increase power and destroy what gets in your way, therefore, to one degree or another, everyone is your enemy. That could be a friend, someone on your team, your clan, or even part of your inner circle.  Those people you have promises not to harm, but for those who are not, if the situation calls for it, you might even kill them. This is how it is in power. As an extreme example, tyrants such as Saddam Hussein have many signs of the practice of the path of power. It appears that his alliances were based on power and if he perceived someone as an enemy or an obstruction they would be destroyed. He had killed a number of his own people even his own sons. The destruction of others, by reputation or other diminishing methods is a necessity in the path of power. And so, they cannot afford to be com