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Clinging, Grasping and other Buddhist musings

I sometime go to estate sales to find inexpensive items that are needed for the retreat center. As I walk through the house I am often struck by sadness. Here are the objects that this unknown person found so important, that were regularly dusted and were well cared for. Perhaps that person would not even let others touch them. Now they are passed away without taking even one of their treasures w ith them. A price has been put on their precious objects... "Too high!" a potential buyer remarks and sets the fragile teacup down with a thud and reaches for another. Sometimes, I see a clinging spirit of the previous owner in a corner... still grasping toward their possessions. I again feel sad. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Manchmal gehe ich zu Haushaltsauflösungen, um preiswerte Dinge zu finden, die im Retreatzentrum benötigt werden. Wenn ich dann in der fremden Wohnung bin, überkommt mich oft Traurigkeit. Hier sind die Objekte, die dieser unbekannte Mensch so wichtig fand, d