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Walking the Path, Free Buddhist Audio and Video Podcasts... and more

We can put emphasis on our positive spiritual qualities and ideals that we already hold, and wish to focus on them to the exclusion of developing other qualities that perhaps it is time for us to know. It’s easy to relate to our own admire d special values, or notice the lack of those same values in others. Some people become chronic complainers, while others become stronger in their chosen values, correctly remaining steady in a world of contradictory ideals. However, it would be wrong to solidify at this point; there still are numerous Buddhist values which we have not yet been introduced to, even if we have been a practitioner for many, many lives in the Buddhist tradition. So, our present values do not fully reflect the values of the Buddha. In other words, we are walking the path of the Buddha in some ways, and in other ways, we are not walking the path of the Buddha. We might object to that by feeling it is either one way or the other. Either I am a Buddhist and walking the

Strained Friendships, Community and other Buddhist musings....

It is human nature to be attracted to like-minded people… perhaps so that we can complain how bad others are, isn’t that so? Hee hee. We might wish to remain isolated and only be influenced by those who think the same way we do; only then c an we remain sturdy in our values. So, the rock ‘n rollers gather together this side, while clog dancers are over there thinking that life is all about clog dancing. However, it often happens that spiritual people are unattracted to seek a community of like-minded people. Even within choices of other spiritual groups, (which is quite varied in this world), folks move from one to another looking for their specific slice of like-minded people. Upon arriving there, they wish to forever remain in ease like a big down comforter; they have at last found a place where they feel comfy! However, should your like-minded values be Buddhism, instead of finding a nice, soft, comfortable quilt comforter to lie down with and rest; as soon as you have arrived,