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Retreat Life and Guru Meaning

Come for personal retreat at Lotus Lake in Central Wisconsin, USA. Very reasonable rates for 2-30 day stay. Includes excellent meals and monastery lifestyle. Contact  Ngawang Khandro  for details or call 715-743-6743. Today is Lama Chopa commentary with tsok ceremony instructions for those here in retreat. Tonight is tsok ceremony at the full moon. Then, those who have received the instructions and permission can do full moon Lama Chopa tsok. Some will be using Tantric bell and damaru this evening for the first time. We are not concerned that everyone be expert with bell and drum in order to participate.  For those who have received this permission in the past, it is important to do ceremony this evening if possible but it is not a rigid commitment. The ordained must do as an additional vow. Regarding abandonment issues: A trend in modern psychiatry is acknowledging many more issues as variations of genuine mental disorders. Perhaps, as it becomes labeled a psychologica