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Faith is Exalted Confidence

As soon as your mind becomes disturbed while sitting in meditation, it means that the mind is seeking an object. If it does not find an object, it will generate one. Thoughts such as, ‘So-and-so isn’t doing this, this isn’t going right, that has to happen, a mosquito bit me, I’m hungry, I’m not hungry, I want this, I want that.’ The mind begins to send energetic probes, looking for a sense of s tability for its habitual pattern. To be successful in meditation, the mind needs to be secured to the inner process at this point, otherwise the mind flails around looking for a familiar pattern of ordinary thinking. Meanwhile, the inner process is abandoned and the whole situation feels unstable. An analogy for the loss of the inner connection is like a cordless telephone that was left out there under the clothesline, somehow separated and disconnected from its base. Maybe some sound is coming out to say it is disconnected. So, you would need to very carefully put it back on its base in orde