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Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude

Thanksgiving is actually a celebration of gratitude and on the other hand, thankfulness cannot be experienced apart from attachment toward an object.Gratitude does not require a connection to an external person or thing to be experienced.  Because thankfulness is directed toward a living being, it is not possible,for example, to be thankful toward a meal or toward abundance. However, there are many people and beings that we can and should be sincerely thankful to, for what they have provided for us that we could not have done on our own. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ***** When we notice our mental errors and correct them the best way we can, our intention is to completely remove the delusions that generate poor attitudes and not just reduce them a bit to get a bit more peace. However, in practical application, we might begin by for example, reducing our anger bit by bit by deliberately pointing it out to ourselves. ‘This is anger showing itself. I recognize i  I might ca