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Who We Think We Are

Everyone takes great care of their personal wall that holds us apart from others; this is the projected persona. It is human nature to desire recognition as separate from others by having a unique set of appearances; it is an important part of who we are. There is no basic difference between a back to nature person living in the woods, and another person making an entrance to an opera dressed in  furs and makeup. Each has a cultivated persona commensurate with their personal standards and how they judge others. Some live in a place of superficial fashion, with changing fashions as criteria for relating to the world. Although we might think that a rough and tough woodsman is someone very different, each lives by strict standards and according to their self-image, that is how they judge others. The dainty lady might advise, “Well, if you just put on a little bit of makeup, a bit of lipstick, you would look so pretty.” The other might say, “If you don’t kill your own food, you’re no man