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Your Diamond Day

Let us suppose that on the day you were born, you were presented with a bucket of perfect and rare diamonds. Even on that first day of your life, you extracted one of these perfect diamonds, but you did not know what it was. Not only did you not know its purpose, you were completely uninterested. All you wanted was mommy, milk, comfort, and care, and with no idea what this diamond meant, you fo rgot quickly where it went. The next day, you extracted another perfect diamond, and again, you did not know what it was for; perhaps it fell through your fingers. Each day, you were compelled to extract another diamond from your bucket of diamonds. In your youth, you extracted a diamond, and looking at it, you thought, 'this is boring and ordinary, and does not matter. There is an endless supply of diamonds,' and so you did not give it much importance because there were so many left in your bucket, and so you dropped it in the dust. Like this, your life went on. One day, you reached