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What the Young Rinpoches Were Told and other Buddhist musings

To the perceiver, the world is present only when his or her attention is placed on it. However, it is only reasonable to see that the death of a single person does not make the world disappear. Therefor, there is no "core" individual that u pholds the world for others. It is an enduring illusion. The world indeed lives beyond the perceiver. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~ Dem oder der Wahrnehmenden erscheint die Welt nur gegenwärtig wenn seine oder ihre Aufmerksamkeit darauf gerichtet ist. Es ist jedoch vernünftig einzusehen, dass der Tod eines einzigen Menschen die Welt nicht verschwinden lässt. Deshalb gibt es kein 'Kern'-Individuum, dass die Welt für andere aufrecht erhält. Dies ist eine andauernde Illusion. Die Welt lebt tatsächlich jenseits des sie Wahrnehmenden." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- At the gate to welcome you, spring irises at the Hermitage

Hypnotized, Loving Kindness free podcast, Summer meditation get-a-way and other musings

Wearing the innate view of the ordinary person is like a hynotized person believing that they are a chicken. The complex structure of the innate view includes many elements that made you a candidate for human realm even before birth. If we  look at the situation more positively, in a way... perceiving what is illusory as real, protects and guides you in a more natural process of development and preparation for transformation. This correct view should not come by ripping apart your programming- it is better to gently begin to doubt and gradually become ready to enter the stage without foundation- that's all it is! What happen next opens you to new development possibilities- but not until you let go of what is like a messy piece of candy gripped in your hand that seemed all so delicious at one time. So, there is no need to push about emptiness, it's already built into your spiritual DNA that is unfolding as you make steady daily effort with a high quality meditation practice. ~