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Hanging Prayerflags at Norbu House and the Hermitage

Hanging prayer flags at the Hermitage and Norbu House today

A Friend to All

Inappropriate feelings of superiority will harm the individual that possesses it. It causes us to distance ourselves from achieving a style of comfort with all living beings that makes us a “friend to all”. Being a friend to all is a hallmark of bodhisattvas. Their friendliness and openness toward others are not based upon others being just like herself or himself, but rather by seeing others as valuable while thinking that others are not different from them in their nature. Those enlightened beings that have made their transformation while still in the human realm will feel kinship with other practitioners on the path in human form. The care offered by those bodhisattvas is even more valuable because the emerged bodhisattva understands the many struggles that human beings are going through in their attempt to become free. Like someone who has found their way out of the thicket, the bodhisattva is happy to go back in to help others find their way out, because the o