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Tantric Healing, Resonating with Enlightened Being

  The tantras are an intense remedy for energetic distortions of, shall we say, cosmic principles. In our world, perhaps there is no other ancient system still alive and viable that has the intensity of the techniques of the tantras, which pr edate Buddhism. I believe that the transmissions of the tantras to the West are perhaps even more significant than Buddhism arriving to the West. Let me explain. Because of the intensity of the various levels and types of tantras, it is extremely important that a student gain skills to recognize what is going on with his or her body and mind. It is equally important to be in harmony with the specific principles of training unmixed with other ideas; whereas, basic Buddhist principles are more generalized. In Buddhist meditation and behavioral change practices, if the meditator does not hit the mark, at least she or he has done something toward the goal! Tantric practice, however, works with the life force winds that can become unba