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Higher Sensitivities

From the viewpoint of reincarnation, it might be said that real practitioners can gain real value from each religion that they practice in their long string of lives. Although most people only receive superficial benefit from religion, special people would be characterized by their determination to make the most value from spiritually oriented learning situations. Holding their religious vows and  practicing diligently within the tradition helps them to once regain their deepest development in their evolutionary progress. Because their innermost developed individual nature perhaps has languished under samsaric conditions, it must be restimulated and then go on from that deeper place. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Von der Sichtweise der Reinkarnation her betrachtet könnte man sagen, dass wahre Übende aus jeder Religion, die sie in ihrer langen Reihe von Leben praktizieren, echten Wert schöpfen können. Obwohl die meisten Leute nur einen oberflächlichen Nutzen aus der Religion zi