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Buddhist Views on Love and Suffering...

Because you love someone special, their unhappiness would be intolerable to you. Sadly, it’s likely that you’re not yet capable of lifting them into a state of permanent happiness.  This is why it we pray the four great wishes for all livi ng beings. If done correctly, the wish for all sentient beings to be happy naturally will first affect the person wishing it. Only then will you become capable of doing a strong wish, and are the first recipient of the wish… but only if you are not trying to wish it for yourself or force happiness on another. It only works by genuinely wishing all others to be happy, regardless of their relationship to you. Oddly, it’s exactly the opposite way that samsaric beings act. PS, loved ones become inadvertent beneficiaries! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ “Weil der Mensch, den du liebst, etwas Besonderes ist, wäre es unerträglich für dich, wenn er unglücklich wäre. Leider ist es wahrscheinlich, dass du noch nicht fähig dazu bist, ihn in einen andauernden Glück