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I do not fear death because I have a plan

Hanging clouds for the long life ceremony at the end  of 14th annual White Conch Summer retreat at Lotus Lake Buddhist Center. The front of the Hermitage with new porch. Staining it in the fall or spring to let it cure for a while. So pleasant for retreat lunches and resting. Chung Chung at ease on the front porch rocker Come for personal retreat at Lotus Lake in Central Wisconsin, USA. Very reasonable rates for 2-30 day stay. Includes excellent meals and monastery lifestyle. Contact  Ngawang Khandro  for details or call 715-743-6743. I do not fear death because I have a plan ~ DGR *********** "Ich f├╝rchte den Tod nicht, denn ich habe einen Plan" - DGR -- The unobstructed core of ego is the organizing principle of the self while the self arises due to the conditioning of the innate view. More subtle individual quantum reality focuses consciousness into the human realm in a cascade method creating a human being and human experience. When that no l